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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Story Children

I am terribly proud of Star of Justice. It is my firstborn story.

OK, the Xmen short story came first, but it's more like the pet a couple gets to practice on before they have children. If only more people took that experiment seriously. We'd have far better-trained dogs and children.

Knowing me as I do, I wasn't sure I'd ever write another book, even though Star of Justice is technically fourth in a spin-off series from another series of three books I have planned. heh.

Earlier this year, as the economy tanked, I realized a second income stream might be a good idea. I had a book. I could try to publish it.

I looked into self-publishing, but I was unwilling to experiment with my firstborn. It was too special. Too important to fiddle around with. It might be my only book, but what if it wasn't? What if I did write those other seven? Would I mess up my chances with a publishing house if I self-published?

I decided to write another book. A stand-alone book. A young adult book. They have money. I know some young adults on Facebook. They could promote it for me, if they liked it. I even had a story idea I had started back in college and set aside because I never finished anything back then.

This book I would write and sacrifice to the self-publishing gods. It wasn't my firstborn. It was just a good story idea I could crank out in no time and maybe make a buck on.

Yeah, story number two didn't like that idea. It didn't like playing second fiddle to its older sibling. Story number two fought back.

If Star of Justice was a labor of love, Elementals has been just plain labor.

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