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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog Rules?

I am one of those odd people who prefer structure; except, ironically, when it comes to my writing style, but that is literally a post for another day. Preferring structure has to do with my judgmental nature (see post Vulcans).

I like rules. If I can't find them, I make them up.

I made up some rules about this blog without realizing it. I'm sharing them so you know what they are, too. How can a game be played if you don't know the rules?

1. I will write one post every day.
I've already broken this rule, but I have a reason (doesn't everyone who breaks a rule?)
As I've admitted in the post Mistakes and Goals, I misspelled ranunculus in my first blog, so I created a new blog with the correct spelling. I had already posted on that blog and I wasn't willing to lose the post, so I copied it to this blog. That's why the first two posts appear on the same day.

I figure if I'm writing a post, I will follow by writing on my book, and that strikes me as a good plan if I want to finish it.

The only exceptions to this rule will be sabbaths and sick days. I haven't excepted for those yet, but I'm leaving the option open.

2. I will write ONLY one post every day.
This is getting harder to follow every day, but I'm making it a hard and fast rule. If I need to write that badly, I will write on my book.

3. I will keep it short.
I want to write something readable in two to four minutes. I am surprised (though no one else may be) to say this has been hard for me. I doubted I would find something to write about at all.

4. I will be civil.My goal, even if discussing difficult topics, is to maintain a tone of civility in all posts. The world is harsh enough. I don't need to add to it. I would appreciate your adherence to this rule, as well. I will allow for irony and humorous satire, for not to do so is to deny my own nature, but I will not be mean. On purpose. Call me on it if you feel stepped on.

5. I will compose for no more than one hour.
This is an internal rule. You wouldn't know it unless I tell you, but since I hope other writers and would-be writers read this, I let you know the process. For me, an hour of fresh writing produces about a page. That's more than enough to read in two to four minutes.

6. I will not respond personally to comments.
This is a toughie, and requires explanation, but the explanation needs to wait for another post. I believe my time and space are used up.

That's another writing trick - the cliff-hanger. We'll see how many care about responding to comments.

Oh, I expect a few comments on the fact that I did comment on a few comments, but be patient. I'll explain tomorrow, God willing and the creek don't rise.

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