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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Allison Bottke and Branding

I've had a few comments on my turtle. Thank you! Always nice to know someone other than Mom is reading this. Please allow me to explain.

I continue to mention Roaring Lambs Christian Writer's Conference because it is the most recent conference I've attended. I will mention it in the future, I am certain. Their website is roaringlambsministries.org. If you live in Texas and want to write Christian literature of any kind, look them up.

I attended a session with Allison Bottke about Branding. I'd never heard of Allison Bottke. I had heard of branding. When I see a moon-lit, pencil-sketched, grassy field and spot a tiny antenna in the distance moving closer, I know the next words will be "Bad Robot." That's the brand of J.J. Abrams, creator of Alias, Lost and the newest (and by far the best, no offense to any of the others, which I love anyway) Star Trek movie.

Who can hear "Grr, Argh" and not think of Joss Whedon's Mutant Enemy? OK, maybe normal people, but no geek or nerd can, I promise. Have you seen the mutant enemy? According to rumors, it was sketched, cut out and shot minutes before it was needed. It's been going strong for over ten years now.

Those are brands. They appear on anything produced, written or claimed by those two men.
As far as I can tell, Allison Bottke has four brands. She started with God Allows U-Turns and moved on from there.

Allison is a AA personality-type. She's even more motivated than your average A.
I'm barely a B. God gave me talent but no ambition. Apparently, that's the one thing I'm supposed to work at. Go figure.

Ranunculus Turtle is my brand. I chose her. I named her. There she is. If I develop more ambition, I may develop another brand.

For now, though, you're all stuck with the turtle.

Welcome to my blog.

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